Pool Therapy Helps with Rehabilitation & Mobility

Anyone who has experienced even a short-term disability, such as, a sprained ankle, knows a little of the frustration experienced when one’s mobility is impaired. Quality of life is affected when longer-term or more serious health issues affect this lack of mobility and well being.

Pool Therapy sessions allow people who have experienced poor mobility and health due to such conditions as strokes, accidents, partial paralysis, surgery, hip and knee replacements and broken bones, to live fuller more active lives.

This invaluable, gentle form of physical therapy was not offered in the Northumberland area, the only other programs being offered in Toronto or Kingston, it was very inconvenient for individuals with mobility problems to travel so far.

In 2000, the Port Hope & District Health Care Foundation, with the
support of area doctors and the services of Lakeshore Physiotherapy, funded the Pool Therapy Program. Pool Therapy continues to be fully participated in—and currently has a waiting list.

Pool Therapy Instructors & Pool Rental:
$10,000 per year

Making a Splash For Health — For FREE!

Pool Therapy sessions take place at the Jack Burger Sports Complex in Port Hope; three sessions of ten weeks per year, with twice weekly classes. There is no cost to the people who take part, as the Port Hope & District Health Care Foundation foots the bill! Individuals need to be referred by a doctor or healthcare provider to participate in Pool Therapy.

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